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Whatsapp ++ Without Jailbreak: Whatsapp needs no introduction, It is one of the most used messaging application. It replaced the traditional SMS which shows the popularity of the application. When we compare the present version of WhatsApp with the old ones it is quite clear that they improved a lot in terms of design as well as features. They are coming with more and more features which makes the users happy and also blows the competition out of the water.

Although it is one of the best messaging application available there are few features which users are still missing in the application. There are some competitors who offer these features still people don’t want to make a switch. To get all the features which you secretly wished you had we present you Whatsapp ++. Recently we also covered a similar article on “SnapChat ++ Without Jailbreak“.

Basically, Whatsapp ++ or Whatsapp plus is a tweaked version of the original WhatsApp. There are many features in the tweaked version which will make you love the applications. Some of the features won’t be seen in the original application and they also help you in many ways. In case if you looking to install Whatsapp ++ and want to know some of the features you can check them below.

Features of Whatsapp ++ | Whatsapp Plus

These are some of the features which we liked and you can find even more features in the application. Don’t forget to comment on your favorite whatsapp++ feature which you can’t live without.

  1. You can hide your Online as well as Last Seen status from your friends.
  2. Use touch id to lock and unlock the application.whatsapp plus features
  3. Disable “Typing” receipts.
  4. Stealth Mode for the Spy :p Whatsapp plus stealth mode
  5. There is no limit on the media you are sending your friends.
  6. and much more.

It will take a while for you to explore each and every feature of the application. In case if you are thinking to use Whatsapp & Whatsapp++ together then do check the note below.

Don’t Use Whatsapp & Whatsapp ++ together:  Yeah you heard it right and don’t ever think about it. It will lead to several issues. Most of the users reported that they are unable to use both the application on their device as you can create only a single account on a single number.Whatsapp ++

Whatsapp ++ is one of the best Whatsapp alternative available out there. Developers are including new features every month. Some of the Whatsapp plus users reported that their face issues sometimes without any reason. We advise you to uninstall Whatsapp before using Whatsapp ++. So let’s dive into our article on How to Install Whatsapp ++ without Jailbreak.

How to Install Whatsapp++ without Jailbreak

You can follow the below steps to install Whatsapp plus without jailbreak. In case of any issues then do lets us know via comments below.

  1. Download AppValley on to your device. This link will show you how to download the application.
  2. After installing the application, Search for “Whatsapp++”.
  3. Select the application and follow the on-screen instruction to download and Install the application.
  4. Enjoy Whatsapp ++ without Jailbreak.

How to Fix Whatsapp ++ Errors

Most of the first users are going to have some errors with the Whatsapp++ application. Although they are most common ones it will freak out the first time users. So we thought of showing you how to fix them. If you are a first time Whatsapp plus user then you might be having a hard time opening the application for the first time. You need to follow the steps mentioned below.

  1. Open Settings on your iPhone or iPad.
  2. Navigate to General >> Profile & Device Management.Whatsapp plus profile
  3. Next, tap on Whatsapp ++ profile & trust it.
  4. It will work without any errors.

Hope this guide helped you to install Whatsapp++ without jailbreak. In case if you are having any issues with the installation then do let us know via comments below. Don’t forget to share this guide with your friends.

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